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Dr Thomas is by far the best dentist that i have had work on me. Thanks for the good work.

(5 stars) Anonymous - Verified customer (via Demandforce)

Consistently high quality care with the utmost of personal attention
I've been going to Dr. Thomas since I moved to this area in approximately 2000. I have recommended him to others without hesitation. He and his entire staff provide the highest quality care possible and in a warmhearted, friendly manner. I always feel secure in their care and hope I never have to change dentists. Thank you again.

Molly D-Verified Customer on 08/22/2017 (via Lightbouse)

Been the best Dentist ever!
My Family and I have been going to Doctor Thomas for 12 years now and we couldn't even imagine going anywhere else:-) we love it, they have great staff and everyone is very friendly and they are great with kids :-) I don't have any complaints ever :-)

-Sandra P. - Verified Customer on 08/01/17 (via Lighthouse)

Clear and thorough
Dr. Thomas was not in a hurry but took the time to explain clearly and thoroughly all possible options of treatment, and answer any questions asked. He was also very friendly as we shared matters of our personal and family lives. I felt very mush at ease as we discussed my dental situation and felt very comfortable with him and his staff. Thank you, Dr. Thomas!

- Jon M. -Verified Customer on 04/20/17 (via Lighthouse)

As always, friendly, professional, punctual. Thanks

(5 stars) Elizabeth M - Customer since 1986 (via Demandforce)

Always thought that surgery was the method for entire mouth extraction and dentures. Guess what I was never so wrong! Dr. Thomas and his beautiful staff of professionals are how to go. Not saying be bad to your mouth and lose all your teeth but if your in need , go where the loving care is!

Darla-Verified Customer on 07/24/2018 (via Google)

Dr. Thomas really does a high level of expertise and makes sure it’s done right!! Leonard S. Mayville Mi thank you!!

Leonard-Verified Customer on 07/24/2018(via Google)

The whole office is kind, polite and professional. Dr. Thomas offers many treatment options. I have never felt pressured into a treatment plan. Thank you and continue delivering quality dental work!

Melissa T-Verified Customer on 07/24/2018 (via Google)

Dr. Thomas and his staff are very friendly and extreamly knowledgeable. Moved to the area recently and needed a new dentist. Chipped my tooth the night before and was able to get in the very next day. I would highly recommend this office

Brett-Verified Customer on 06/27/2018 (via Google)

Latest technology, painless dentistry. Been going there 20 years and wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else. Top Notch!!! Their staff is awesome with young children too!

David-Verified Customer on 06/14/2018 (via Google)

Loved the service for the laser treatment for coldsores. Speeds the healing process.

Janice-Verified Customer on June 2018 (via Google)

Dr Thomas and his staff are the best! I am so Greatful to call him my Dentist! Thank you for making me smile again!

Tammy-Verified Customer on May 2018 (via Google)

I've always been terrified of going to the dentist but the staff and Dr. Thomas have taken that anxiety away! Extremely professional!

David-Verified Customer on 02/20/2018 (via Lighthouse)

So thankful for Dr. Thomas and his staff! I've had so many dental issues and they have been very kind and helpful in getting them resolved. I recently had a crowned tooth break and they worked me in - even staying after hours to put me back together :). Dr. Thomas goes the extra mile. Excellent skills and compassionate. Everyone in the office goes above and beyond. Thank you!

Rhonda-Verified Customer on 10/20/2017 (via Lighthouse)

Professional and quality service!
Very dependable on timing for us working folks! Great people...........and the best service hands down!

Bill V-Verified Customer on 09/27/2017 (via Lightbouse)

The whole staff is friendly, they are always accommodating, I'm always satisfied when I leave there! My whole Family and I have been going there 10 years.

Sandra-Verified Customer on 11/04/15 (via Lighthouse)

Great experience
Thank you for a great experience. I really don't like going to the dentist due to previous experience. Chris was wonderful and very friendly. Dr. Thomas explained what he was going to do and was very gentle. I had a tooth pulled and did not have any complications afterward. They explained everything in detail that I would need to know and do.

- Crissy B - Verified Customer on 06-09-17 (via Lighthouse)

james d thomas dds and all his ladies are very good at there jobs

(5 stars) Jon W - Customer since 1999 (via Demandforce)

Great, caring service!

(5 stars) Carrie L - Verified customer (via Demandforce)

Dr. Thomas has been the best dentist I have ever had.
My appointment was to have a molar extracted. I knew from previous visits, I was in great hands. From the time I arrived, I was treated so nice by his gracious staff. His assistant, Heather, explained how the procedure would be done and what I could expect. She went over details of my post treatment instructions. She is so friendly and helps you relax. Dr. Thomas always makes me feel like and old friend. No buddy likes injections, but he has always given the shots, better than I ever had. He works quickly and explains each step so you know what is going on. When he was ready to pull the tooth he explained how he thought it would come out and he let me know the worst case that might occur. It came out the was he thought. It didn't hurt at all. I left the office without the wide eyed, pained look on my face. I took two Tylenol when the shot wore off. I woke today with no pain. The only thing that bothers me is no popcorn for a while. I don't know many people that like to go to the dentist. When you need one, I highly recommend Dr. Thomas.

-Mark P. -Verified Customer on 08/30/17 (via Lighthouse)

I had my two lower teeth fixed from cracks and chips! They sure look great and now I can smile with confidence! And they also did a routine cleaning at the same time. Thanks again..............

Bill-Verified Customer on 12/10/2015 (via Lighthouse)

Kate was awesome, she answered my questions without hesitation, and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Thomas is awesome also, he always is friendly and personable. He explains everything that he is doing and makes you feel comfortable.

- Diane M. - Verified Customer on 05/24/17 (via Lighthouse)

Excellent & professional as always. The best & most pain free dentist I've ever had that's given me shots. Our family loves Doc Jim!

(5 stars) Shannon A - Customer since 2005 (via Demandforce)

Allison is the best hygienist I've ever had!!!!

(5 stars) Debra A - Customer since 2007 (via Demandforce)

Awesome staff

(5 stars) Sherry K - Customer since 2006 (via Demandforce)

My husband and I like Dr. Thomas and his staff, very friendly.

(5 stars) Sheree L - Customer since 2005 (via Demandforce)

Great!! Positive attitude from all personal, very helpful in scheduling, very thorough and friendly!! Highly recommend going here!!

(5 stars) Nadine K - Customer since 2002 (via Demandforce)

He is an awesome Dentist. Kind and gentle. Funny and fun to tease. I have had major work done and get very nervous going in but come out laughing each time. Takes the time to explain each thing he is going to do. The staff is friendly they even give you the cost before your next appointment so no surprises.

(5 stars) Dawn R - Customer since 2014 (via Demandforce)

Allison is wonderful at cleaning teeth, when I went to other dentist's after they cleaned my teeth, they were sore and bleeding, I never have that problem with Allison. Dr Thomas is an awesome dentist, he tell's you everything he is doing and explains everything so you can understand. I would Highly recommend anyone coming there.

Diane-Verified Customer on 05/13/2016 (via Lighthouse)

Always pleasant staff, and a great repor with children. My son is always treated very well and Dr. Thomas is extremely caring and polite. I would highly recommend the office to anyone with children.

(5 stars) Lukas S - Customer since 2008 (via Demandforce)

Was Great

(5 stars) Anonymous - Verified customer (via Demandforce)

Great Doctor!!

(5 stars) Ashlee C - Customer since 2013 (via Demandforce)

Went very smoothly, got a tooth pulled. took as long to fill out paperwork as it did to get it pulled. Will most definitely be going back when i need more work done.

(5 stars) Brandon L - Customer since 2014 (via Demandforce)

It is always a wonderful experience at Dr. Thomas' office. i was greeted by many of the staff and it felt very warm and welcoming. I totally like the atmosphere in this office.

(5 stars) Debby R - Customer since 1991 (via Demandforce)

I always receive excellent service from the entire staff at this dental practice. I really appreciate that they take patients one Saturday a month. I like them enough that I continue to drive 40 minutes to their office rather than finding a new dentist in my area.

(5 stars) Angela C - Customer since 1982 (via Demandforce)

Very friendly and professional staff and efficient service.

(5 stars) Anonymous - Verified customer (via Demandforce)

Everyone was very friendly and provided prompt service.

(5 stars) Nancy H - Customer since 1975 (via Demandforce)


(5 stars) Randy F - Customer since 2011 (via Demandforce)

Excellent as always! Very good staff.

(5 stars) Anonymous - Verified customer (via Demandforce)

The people were wonderful and kind. They took great care of me and explained everything step by step. It was so obvious they genuinely care for their patients. I had never been to the dentist (embarrassing) but they were so wonderful with me and I had to figure out some insurance stuff and they took great care of that and they have just been amazing! What a wonderful overall experience in such an uncomfortable time. I had to have my wisdom tooth removed. No one wants to go to the dentist but they made me very hopeful for my daughters to have an excellent experience as well!

Nicole-Verified Customer on 05/26/2016 (via Lightbouse)

I appreciate the professional skills by both Dr. James Thomas DDS & Staff! God Bless You!

(5 stars) Joyce H - Customer since 1999 (via Demandforce)


(5 stars) Autumn T - Customer since 2011 (via Demandforce)


(5 stars) Stephen S - Customer since 2009 (via Demandforce)

Love the dental hygienist I have had the last 2 times. She is very nice and has a soft touch. Makes dental appts not so bad.

(5 stars) Lorianne W - Customer since 2003 (via Demandforce)

I just had my cleaning and exam on 3/20/14. The hygienist was excellent and, of course, Dr. Thomas was attentive and thorough as usual. I have been going to him since I moved to the "thumb" in 2001, and don't plan to change. I recommend him to everyone. Oh, by the way, thanks to his direction and assistance, I had another good report.

(5 stars) Molly D - Customer since 2001 (via Demandforce)

Very pleased with the timely manner the appointment was made and the great service.

(5 stars) Richard B - Customer since 1974 (via Demandforce)

Very Friendly Staff!

(5 stars) Joyce H - Customer since 1999 (via Demandforce)

so patient and caring, I am never made to feel like the big baby I am, Dr Thomas and his team are great. They really make sure you are happy with the work too, make sure its a good fit, and comfortable.

(5 stars) Anonymous - Verified customer (via Demandforce)

Excellent experience as always!

(5 stars) Clarette W - Customer since 1977 (via Demandforce)

Customer service and professionalism at the practice of James D. Thomas, DDS is exceptional. Together these are key in my personal opinion.

(5 stars) Janice Z - Verified customer (via Demandforce)

Dr. Thomas did a great job filling my cavity and the staff as always were friendly and professional.

Jim-Verified Customer on 05/16/2016 (via Lighthouse)

I have very old fillings and my second molar cracked and I thought the tooth would have to come out. Went to see Dr. Thomas for the first time and they did a very through exam with photos and x-rays. As we left it he believes the tooth can be saved, that was a relief! He was very nice and explained what my future dental needs will be to maintain the integrity of my teeth really made me feel like I made the right choice in switching dental providers.

Carol-Verified Customer on 04/19/2016 (via Lighthouse)

Thanks you for being so kind and patient with my 3 years old. Dr. Thomas is a very kind and compassionate person.

Crystal-Verified Customer on 03/08/2016 (via Lighthouse)

Hygienist provided superior service. I received the most thorough, yet pain free cleaning ever. Truly impressed with the skill and experience of the staff here.

Dan-Verified Customer on 02/23/2016 (via Lighthouse)

I had a crown pop off and knew the w/e was approaching. Dr. Thomas' office was able to fit me into their schedule very promptly. So pleased with that and the professional care from staff.

Judy-Verified Customer on 02/20/2016 (via Lighthouse)

Office staff and technicians are always kind, professional, thorough, and caring. Very pleased with my experiences.

Debra-Verified Customer on 02/20/2018 (via Lighthouse)

Dental hygienist is top notch - professional and highly skilled. Dentist takes time during examination to listen to any issues you may be having. Front office staff is always helpful.

Deb-Verified Customer on 11/14/2017 (via Lighthouse)

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