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An Important message from your dentist regarding the Coronavirus and COVID-19:

In response to the Governor of Michigan's Executive Order 2020-17 (COVID-19) on 3-20-2020,

 We have made the decision to CLOSE the Cass City and the Oscoda offices for a period of TWO WEEKS.

 If you have a Dental Emergency involving PainSwelling, and/or Infection:  Our local Oral Surgeon Offices will handle emergencies during this two week closure.  Please Contact them at: 

Hennig, Woodbury & Howard, PC


Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons

& Dental Implant Center

 Bay City:  (989) 893-3090


 Bay City:  (989) 892-9341

 Saginaw:  (989) 799-7128


 Saginaw:  (989) 401-6591

 Our plan at this point in time is to reopen soon for emergency care only - as defined, and allowed by Michigan Executive Order 2020-17.  We are currently anticipating that date to be April 6, 2020 for Cass City and April 9, 2020 for Oscoda.


When the State of Emergency is lifted and/or Michigan Executive Order 2020-17 is cancelled, we will resume seeing patients "as usual" at both offices.  Although we are practicing Standard Precautions daily, the Coronavirus pandemic will cause some changes in our protocols.

As you know, these are unprecedented times. Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected by the new Coronavirus. We are all watching and listening closely for what will happen next in this surreal pandemic.

In a time with so much uncertainty, I am glad to give you some good news. We are prepared for this new Coronavirus. We always use meticulous care in preparing for your visit to insure the lowest possible risk of transmitting any pathological agent to you, or to ourselves.

We always follow CDC and OSHA infection control and prevention, and often times exceed their recommendations. Rest assured, all instruments and equipment used for patient care is either single use disposable, or sterilized with high heat and steam under pressure. Our sterilizers are monitored regularly with biological test spores to ensure complete kill of all microorganisms – including the new Coronavirus.

We regularly disinfect surfaces and patient chairs with hospital grade disinfectants. We are very strict with our infection control protocols, and follow them to the letter.

How things are different with the current Coronavirus pandemic:

• If you are sick – Please Reschedule Your Appointment.

• When you arrive at the office, please wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds in the rest room. If you blow your nose or sneeze or cough into your hands, please wash your hands again.

• We will continue to use personal protective devices and barriers as we always do. We will be using our masks and gloves more than we usually do. Since the Coronavirus is presumed to be spread person-to-person: spitting, coughing and sneezing, we need to provide a barrier between us and you as much as possible. Dentistry is a close and intimate part of our lives. Generally, we only are using our masks while doing the actual procedure. Until it is safe to do otherwise, we will wear our masks most of the time you are in the office.

• We will refrain from personal contact. This will drive me crazy! I like to shake hands with my patients and give “High-fives” for a job well done. Now, we will be doing this with gloves on, or not at all. Please do not take this personally. It is what we need to do. Please know that a simple smile, an “elbow bump” or a “thank you” is just as genuine as a handshake in showing our appreciation for you trusting us with your care.

• Please do not linger in our reception area any longer than necessary. We will try to tell you when you arrive if we anticipate that you will have to wait more than a couple of minutes. If that is the case, please wait outside or in your car if other people are in the reception area. This will avoid people being in close contact for long periods of time. If you are waiting outside or in your car, please be sure we have your cell phone number to call you and let you know we are ready for you. After your visit, please do not linger to talk any longer than necessary with the front office team members or other people you may know in the reception area.

• Please keep at least 6 feet between you and anyone in the office that is not wearing a mask.

As a business owner, this whole Coronavirus issue concerns me. Although we can assure you that you will be safe coming to our office, I know some people will choose not to come in until they feel safer. This has financial implications of unknown consequences for our business, and our many employees. We have gone to significant lengths to ensure we have adequate supplies of personal protective equipment. Despite the severe shortage of masks and cleaning supplies because of the general public panic, our suppliers continue to supply us with what we need to keep you fully protected at our high level of excellent infection control and prevention. We have “spared no cost” to ensure we can continue “business as usual”.

We are here for you, and are eagerly awaiting the ability to get back to our "normal" schedules as soon as the law allows.  We are fully prepared.  We are confident that you are safe in our offices.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (989) 872-3870.

May God be with you and your families in these troubling times.

 Dr. James Thomas

For more information follow this link to the ADA site.…/az-topi…/i/infection-control…


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