Payment Options

One of the goals at our office is to present you with the financial options for treatment and any education you need about your dental and oral wellness needs.  Often times there is more than one treatment option to help you achieve dental and oral wellness.  We desire to assist you in your decisions regarding the choices about dental treatment you need and desire.

We accept most insurance plans. We are a participating provider with Delta Dental Premier and Blue Cross Blue Shield Traditional.  We accept most other insurances as well.  With some insurance policies we are considered "Out of Network".  What this means is that your insurance may pay at a lower percentage than they would pay to an "In Network Provider".  Sometimes they pay at the same rate for "In Network" and "Out of Network".  Our team members will gladly give you an accurate estimate of your actual "out of pocket" investment in your dental and oral wellness before treatment or services are performed.  If your insurance classifies us as "Out of Network", you are still welcome to come to our practice for all your dental needs.  Even though your "out of pocket" investment may be a little higher, we hope you see the value in what we have to offer vs. going further away to another provider.  Many of our patients have no dental insurance coverage, and pay 100% of the "out of pocket" investment personally.

Dental services (including things not covered by dental insurance - like cosmetic procedures) are typically eligible for payment by a health savings account offered by your employer.  This can save you money by paying with "pre-tax" dollars.  Please consult with your HR department at your place of employment or with your tax advisor or accountant for specific details and eligibility.

We offer numerous payment options to allow your dental treatment and other services to fit your budget. For your convenience, we accept the following forms of payment: 

                    º  Cash 

                    º  Personal Checks

                    º  Credit Cards

                    º  Care Credit (click on the link below for more information)

                    º  Health Savings Accounts (when eligible - see information above)

Our friendly team members can customize a payment plan designed just for you and your budget.  

Call us Today and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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